Gaming PC’s & Workstations

Custom desktop computers are made to fulfil specific and bespoke requirements. Whether you are looking to play modern games which require extensive processing and top-end graphics, or you need to run some intensive software program to streamline professional workflows, or you are a digital media professional looking to render the video files effectively, or you are an engineer and want a true work-horse computer to work with 3D drawings and imagery; our custom made desktops are your solution.

Custom designed PC’s allow customers to choose what they like in their computers according to their budget and requirements. Customers select the parts, we’ll put the computer together. At PC Vision, our engineers advise customers to choose the chassis, processor, motherboard, graphics card, SSDs, HDDs, DVD Drives, audio cards, etc.

We love building mission-critical high-end computers, please call in to discuss your requirements. Our intelligently designed custom solutions will work best for your budget and performance requirements.

Gaming PC’s & Workstations – Build, Upgrade and Repairs
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